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Jun. 29th, 2008 06:52 pm
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penpusher: Hi. I wanted to give you an update about the show originally designed to run a week after the LJ Advisory Board elections, and to make a request.

penpusher: Originally, I was going to have a couple of the candidates on as guests in the standard format of the show, to try to make sense of the event, get some feedback from the partcipants about what happened and maybe get a better handle on what went on generally during the election.

penpusher: I felt it wasn't fair to invite just some people so I sent messages to every person who ran, inviting them. This turned into a 15 question email sent to all of the candidates, which I had intended to include in a special episode, that would have allowed the participants a chance to give their view of what happened.

penpusher: The problem: some of the candidates were incommunicado, most notably, the person who actually won the election, [livejournal.com profile] legomymalfoy. This was especially curious as she was supposed to be the liaison between the users and [livejournal.com profile] theljstaff, and no one could reach her by any means! I tried leaving a message in a public entry in her journal, but she had friends locked it. I tried to send messages via mutual friends to no avail. I attempted to contact through the LJ Staff with no results.

penpusher: Also, it seemed that some candidates balked at the number of friends this journal has and refused to participate based on the fact that only "a couple hundred people" would see this. This is an issue when it comes to this journal, and this is where [livejournal.com profile] talk_show could use your help.

penpusher: If you have been interviewed, if you have been reading along on a regular or semi-regular basis, if you have found this journal in any way worthwhile, please add talk_show to your friendslist, and tell your friends about what this is all about. Though we do get an influx of people in, depending upon who the guest is in any given episode, it would be great to have a bigger base so that potential guests would understand there *IS* an audience out there.

penpusher: The easy thing about having this journal on your list is that it takes up very little room, every interview entry is cut tagged and typically there aren't more than one set of entries in a week.

penpusher: Though I know there is an audience larger than the number of friends listed on the page reading through the journal's syndicated feed, at facebook and on the net in other ways, some people won't respond unless they see concrete numbers. Getting bigger and better guests is what I'm trying to do, and you can really help out the process if you add this journal.

penpusher: Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to get to the bottom of this election story. When I have more information about that, I'll let you know. Thanks for your patience and for reading along. If you have feedback about this, questions or other concerns, please comment below. We'll talk again, soon, I hope...
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