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Oct. 21st, 2008 04:13 am
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drderanged: I have returned!
drderanged: Hope you're having as much fun as I am, btw.
penpusher: Awesome!

penpusher: Well, this is the funnest part of the whole thing. It's "Anything Else," and we can either go back and talk about something we already did from a different angle... Or we can talk about something totally new and different.

penpusher: It's really up to you.

drderanged: I say pick anything that we might not have gotten to yet and follow the stream of consciousness.

penpusher: What's on your mind these days? What's really something you are itching to get into?

drderanged: Funny, right now it's trying to keep my cat from headbutting me for attention. Hard to concentrate on lofty concepts when you're being headbutted.

penpusher: ah your cat. Garfield, is it?

drderanged: Not quite but I think they are similar in size.

drderanged: I have two cats actually. One is very Garfield-ish.

penpusher: Do you own a lot of pets?

drderanged: I love all kinds of animals but right now I just have the two cats. They're both more than enough to fulfill my pet quota for a while.

penpusher: Two. there's that gemini thing again.

drderanged: Damn we're awesome.

penpusher: But I thought in Texas, hunting dogs are the favored pets. hounds and setters.

drderanged: Love dogs too. But it's not a state law to have one or anything. Same with horses. haha

penpusher: So are these indoor or outdoor cats? Can they do tricks and such?

drderanged: They're indoor cats. They're so pampered that they couldn't survive out in the wild. Gaz is afraid of his shadow. And Mr. Fluffy -- well, he's kind of a dunce.

drderanged: Yes, I have a cat named Mr. Fluffy.

penpusher: I've long since learned not to question a cat owner about the names of their pets.

drderanged: Well, that one is actually my mother's fault. He started out as her cat and I ended up with him somehow.

penpusher: Ah.

drderanged: That's usually how that conversation ends. As if to say... "Ah... why would you lie to me you cat freak?" haha

penpusher: How do they earn their Meow mix, or do they just stare and it works?

drderanged: Fluff is the head-butter. When he wants food or attention, he'll headbutt. In fact, just a couple nights ago, I had a dream that I was in an earthquake. I woke up to find that I was rocking back and forth because he was headbutting me.

penpusher: Wow that's some powerful butting going on.

drderanged: Even I was surprised. He's probably right around 20lbs. He looks like a little bear at this point.

penpusher: I wonder if there's a way to turn that into something profitable? Like "cat battering ram" or something?

drderanged: If only! Maybe I could turn him into the next YouTube sensation!

penpusher: or at least

drderanged: Oh yes. Maybe I'm going down the wrong path with this web comic thing. Maybe I need to look into cat exploitation.

penpusher: Use what you got!

penpusher: So what else do you got? Any thoughts on current events?

drderanged: Muah-haha!

drderanged: I mean... one or two.

penpusher: Sure!

drderanged: I realize this has no set up or segue but... blow up the two-party system! Down with Democrats! Down with Republicans! Free the office from the stranglehold of brand names!

penpusher: I think we've talked about this a few times over the history of this blog. the "Coke" v. "Pepsi" system doesn't endear people to being involved.

drderanged: Not at all. It's really frustrating that in the "information age" we have to rely on two stale platforms. It shouldn't be too hard to line up a candidate by issues. Abortion: Yes or No? Etc, etc...

drderanged: Vote for people instead of parties.

penpusher: I think the one thing the democrats and republicans agree on is not wanting a viable third party, because then they'd both lose.

drderanged: Exactly. As say, a Democrat... you know you'll win some. You know you'll lose some. But you'll ALWAYS be in the running.

drderanged: Status quo. Nothing really has to change because you'll get another crack at it in four years.

penpusher: Status quo is great if you're at the top of the pyramid.

drderanged: Yes it is. I know very few Democrats and Republicans that follow the entire party line. So why have it at all?

penpusher: Everyone has some conservative issues, and some liberal issues. Certainly the politicians do!

drderanged: I believe your average person is fairly moderate. I just don't think we need brand names anymore. Because there are many, many people that are slaves to those names.

penpusher: Is it that people need to be told how to think?

drderanged: Not at all. I think people, in general, have become so disgusted with the political system that they don't think about it enough.

penpusher: And that relates to the this or that options that nobody really likes.

drderanged: And if you're a young politician that wants to join the circus, you won't get anywhere unless you tow the line of one of the big two.

penpusher: There doesn't seem to be a good way out of this.

drderanged: And thus the cycle perpetuates.

drderanged: You said it earlier. A viable third party would break the stranglehold. But I also don't see that happening any time soon.

drderanged: I think one day -- in the far off future -- we'll have the facts at our fingertips and we can choose a person based on belief and character rather than party affiliation.

penpusher: It would likely take members from both sides of the aisle to come together and form a third party, but what are the odds?

drderanged: We're probably more likely to be struck by a comet than see real political reform any time soon.

penpusher: Either way, that'll likely be the end.

drderanged: Ever watch Mega Disasters? They should do one on politics.

penpusher: Ha. That would be a season.

drderanged: "The greatest disaster humanity has ever faced... and it's coming in November!"

penpusher: So... any good news? Any positives out there? What's for dessert?

drderanged: Good news? You really ask the hard questions.

penpusher: Yeah. The ending is always a challenge.

drderanged: I'm thinking but nothing is coming to me. So, I'll go with "chocolate cupcake".

penpusher: Is the cupcake thing a Texas phenomenon too?

drderanged: I'm pretty sure they're tasty anywhere.

penpusher: Here in NYC and out in LA it is. But they don't have some sort of boutique bakery for cupcakes in TX?

drderanged: Well, I can't think of any major franchises... the Hostess people have muscled ma and pa Cupcake out of the market.

drderanged: Bastards!

penpusher: Wow Hostess.

drderanged: You probably never knew. But I finally blew the whistle. Here on the LJ Talkshow!

penpusher: But still pretty tasty stuff. Do you want a beverage with that?

drderanged: That's how they do it. They get you addicted and then you look the other way when they're out busting kneecaps.

drderanged: It's all shocking, I know.

penpusher: I guess that's Corporate America for ya. Appears sweet, but really, it's a killer business.

drderanged: As someone who has been in both insurance and credit... yes, yes it is.

penpusher: Any final thoughts before I release you back into the wilds of LJ?

drderanged: Just a friendly reminder to drop by now that you're at the end of the interview. And drop me a line on LJ. I always like meeting new people. Especially, hot-single-women people. haha

penpusher: That is the one advantage here... there is a pool of intelligent, forward thinking and beautiful women who are on the el jay.

drderanged: I've met many of them. I can't imagine why so many of them don't want to hook up with a poor, artist type. haha

penpusher: Especially in times like these!

drderanged: Exactly. Gas prices. War. Strife. You NEED a guy with a sense of humor...

drderanged: ... and nothing else. Oops. I meant ... IF nothing else.

penpusher: Haha. Very good!

penpusher: Ok, Doc. Thanks a lot for taking some time to talk with me.
drderanged: Thank you. I had a blast.
penpusher: keep an eye on the journal, in case there are viewer comments.
penpusher: and thanks again!
drderanged: Oh I will. I already friended the community.
drderanged: And thank you. Hope it was as fun for you as it was for me.
penpusher: Yay! welcome to the talk_show family.
penpusher: It was great. *nods*
drderanged: I'll be sure and point others in that direction too.
penpusher: thanks. I'll let you know when it's posted.
drderanged: Well, unless there's anything else you need, I think I'm going to go find something to eat.
penpusher: I hope I didn't make you miss dinner!
drderanged: Nah. I'm on a strange schedule as it is.
penpusher: oh that's right the overnight.
penpusher: enjoy your bacon & eggs!
drderanged: Yeah. I'm about to have "lunch"
drderanged: Well, good night!
penpusher: night!

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