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Show # 44 - [ profile] marta - Opening and "The Basics"

Hello and welcome to [ profile] talk_show! Here's your host, [ profile] penpusher.

penpusher: Come up with an adjective - excited, thrilled, relieved, chuffed, that we're back with a new episode in this series of conversations, and especially so with this particular guest. This time, I'm very pleased to welcome someone I've wanted to speak with here since I first heard of her. It's LiveJournal's very own [ profile] marta!

penpusher: howdy!

Marta: hey there! I'm all set!

penpusher: ok!

penpusher: So are we going to play The Basics?

Marta: sure

penpusher: This first one I can answer for you. What's your name?

Marta: Marta Gossage

penpusher: And your birthday is...?

Marta: October 21st

penpusher: Woo Hoo! Get set for a bunch of presents from all over LJ Land!

Marta: awesome!!!!

penpusher: Where did you spend your formative years?

Marta: I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago - west suburbs, that is

penpusher: And you're still steeped in the Second City?

Marta: yep - I live on the north side of the city now, within a few miles of the Friendly Confines. the city is a lot of fun, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

penpusher: Sorry to Wrigleyville.

Marta: next year!

penpusher: I guess they have no sense of anniversary over there!

Marta: just good old-fashioned midwestern optimism!

penpusher: What's your favorite film?

Marta: tough question. I'm a huge Tarantino fan, and would have to say probably Four Rooms but the soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs almost edges it out.

penpusher: Wow. I don't know that I would have pegged you as a Tarantino fan.

Marta: yeah, I like dialog and a kind of sick, twisted humor

penpusher: Actually, I know that I wouldn't have guessed Tarantino!

Marta: In Bruge is my favorite this year so far, though

penpusher: In Bruge? I think I missed that.

Marta: Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson - it's witty and quick, but a more relaxed tempo than Tarantino

penpusher: Cool. I like Tarantino's style too, so I'll check that one out. Any writers/authors catch your fancy?

Marta: my tastes in books switches around quite a bit.I was an old Tom Clancy fan until Sum of All fears. I liked Robert Asprin until he started having co-writers and ghost writers and my tastes run from sci-fi to non-fiction to character studies

penpusher: In other words, pretty much everything.

Marta: yes! I've always been a voracious reader, and will dig into pretty much anything that catches my interest - I like to enjoy something then go out and find a dozen more books like it

penpusher: I'm sure the talk show guests who are authors will be delighted to hear that!

Marta: I'm always open to getting new reading material - so I'd read anything suggested to me, a bonus if they're LJ users.

Marta: I also enjoy Keith R.A Decandido, who I found because he was an LJ friend-of-a-friend. He's got a great original story called Dragon Precinct

penpusher: Oh? What's his username?

Marta: [ profile] kradical

penpusher: Cool. Any television programs you are addicted to currently?

Marta: a bunch! Burn Notice, CSI, Battlestar Galactica, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report I also am an avid watcher of Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel

Marta: Thank goodness for TiVo.

penpusher: Haha! indeed.

Marta: I also record Boston Legal, Doctor Who, and other things that I tend to watch in marathons some weekends

penpusher: In case there's any time leftover, what sort of music do you like?

Marta: I have horrible taste in music. I love bad 50's, 60's, 70's, and stuff like that people groan when I put on my music, but I love it

penpusher: what's bad 50s? Like Doo-Wop? Or Everly Brothers? I don't know.

Marta: I guess I should clarify "bad" - corny stuff like Petula Clark that everyone says they're not into but has to sing along with anyway

penpusher: And what about the 70s? Disco?

Marta: yeah, some of that too.

penpusher: You're a dancing queen!

Marta: but also 70s folk-type stuff

penpusher: Ah the early 70s. The "Tapestry" era.

Marta: I was brought up on classical and folk, so that's ingrained in me too

penpusher: Just so we know you do have some culture!

Marta: yes! I like opera and choral and symphonic stuff.

penpusher: Ever do any singing yourself?

Marta: I was in a professional children's chorus as a kid, and directed church choirs as a young adult, part-time

penpusher: Really? That must have been exciting!

Marta: yeah, it was really wonderful. I started piano when I was 4, and had music lessons of all kinds growing up, so doing stuff like that has always been both a passion and a comfortable creative outlet

penpusher: Do you still keep up with piano and music now or is that a part of your past at this point?

Marta: I keep up in spurts. I have a piano but don't play very often now. I went back and took some lessons a couple of years ago just because I didn't want to forget how!

penpusher: That's great. You are quite busy, it seems!

Marta: Life can get busy, but I like relaxing and doing nothing too

penpusher: When you were growing up, did you ever keep a diary or paper journal of any sort?

Marta: not really, I'd write a bit here and there but never kept it up

penpusher: What kinds of things would you write about when you wrote?

Marta: what comes to mind is bad poetry and pages of angst after breakups

penpusher: Aw!

Marta: but I'm sure I wrote other things too just nothing too memorable

penpusher: How did you first arrive at LiveJournal?

Marta: I had a group of friends at the time who were all on LiveJournal. Every time we'd get together they were always checking LJ, and so peer pressure kind of sparked it

penpusher: Who was the one person who got you signed up? Who was the most responsible? Let's get a shoutout!

Marta: I can't really remember! I know that I signed up at the same time as a group of about 15-20 who all were on then!

penpusher: Are any of them still around?

Marta: sure! although some not with the same usernames - a lot of people have made new journals or renamed.

penpusher: Of course.

Marta: we were all young adults, in our 20s then, and it's kind of crazy how everyone has grown up - using LJ is a completely different thing over a period of time. people get married, have kids, and change what they're writing about

Marta: it used to be a place to plan and recap parties which isn't so much the aim anymore for those from the group I knew. now people tend to write about news, feelings, relationships, or that kind of thing

penpusher: There is a remarkable flexibility and durability to LJ, which I think is why people can come here and then stay for years.

Marta: exactly. It's kind of amazing all of the different phases I've gone through in the past 6 years, and what I write about or the circle of LJ-friends I have has morphed along with that.

penpusher: So, I don't get to ask my "most important question" of you, but let's try this. If you could rename your LJ to something other than your name, what would you pick?

Marta: wow, I have NO idea!

Marta: I'm so glad I don't have to pick - I'd probably do something tired and cliched using my dogs' names or something

penpusher: Do your dogs have LJs?

Marta: no, they don't. Until they learn to type, the world may never know the details of their breakfast or their innermost thoughts, I guess.

penpusher: Ok. Just checking.

penpusher: Time for our first break, but we'll go in depth with Marta, next.

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